Before you throw away all those nearly-new ingredients you bought just for the teaspoon or two for a single recipe on a whim last holiday, pile 'em to the side and let me take a crack at it. A bit for entertainment value and mostly so we can save some perfectly innocent looking paste you used for your Sambal Belacan a while back, give me a crack at it.


We'll schedule a 30 minute video call to go through the goods (and bads), you'll follow up with a complete list of ingredients along with their quantities, and I'll get back to you with a at least three recipes. Want a recipe that's uniquely yours? For an additional $25, I'll create your very own "Recime" (best I've got off the top of my head): a recipe based on your pantry ingredients that uses 5 of your ingredients, including what you have the largest quantity of as well as the most expensive per weight.  Then you'll cook it and try on camera! It's more of a spectator sport, really...

Sundry Best (Pantry Raid)



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