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World Introvert Day: A Collection of Recipes for One

Because every introvert wants nothing more than a holiday to shine a light on them, we now have #WorldIntrovertDay. Thanks for listening, extro's.

The cover of the classic cookbook "Microwave cooking for one," with a forced-smile wearing prude showing off her self-meals to nobody because she's alone.
The patron saint of Introversion, Marie T Smith. It still looks like too much food for one, though...

I personally fluctuate somewhere on the introvert spectrum between "Oh I actually enjoyed that party I turned around and walked away from three times before arriving" to "Quarantine is amazing. Why can't all life be like this?" I'm more of a one-on-one kinda gay*.

So in spirit of avoiding the celebration of the reason one would avoid said celebration of the exact thing, here is a rundown of recipes for one to keep busy on this poorly considered out holiday:

*typo and it stays


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