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Queen of the Night: blooming live stream

Updated: May 30, 2020

Check out the live feed of my Queen of the Night cactus orchid and leave your comments or questions below!

This native Mexican epiphyte doesn't rob nutrients from its host (or money from friends who sublet). It is considered and orchid cactus, which is super confusing to me, but totally worth the wait.

She arrived to my home as a wee cutting of a larger plant that I took quickly during checkout an a rental in Oaxaca and shoved her in my overnight bag and hoped that she would make it. And she has. . .

Since they flower so rarely, I wanted to share it with anyone who will enjoy it! The link is public, so share away. Just please remind me if it's still going tomorrow when I'm changing and reading the news...

Another live link is here in case this one crashes from beauty overexposure.

xo tim

More on this gorgeous wonder here.


*In the end I made a soup with the blossoms. I'll post the link to the recipe and pics here when it's up!

A week prior

I noticed the buds a week ago when I was watering. They seemed to pop out over a day or two. I kept meaning to ask a group online how long until they'd flower...

6:00 PM-ish day of bloom

I didn't have time to ask anyone. I saw this and moved them inside so I wouldn't miss it.

8:00 PM


10:00 PM


10:07 PM

Holy sweet mother of pollinators everywhere. The smell is incredible. It's like gardenia and Magnolia at the same time. It's taking over my room.

Post mortem/coidal-fail portrait

I was all stoked to pollinate the blossoms, but remembered that they have to be two different plants, not even from the same cutting! That's smart genetics.



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