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Mollette was—is—my black and white Dutch rabbit-cum-missing child. She was weaponized during an unconscious uncoupling one year ago. This is my late night, spontaneous tribute inspired during a quick search for a photo.

I was writing a post about how to say thank you to all of those fellow humans who are working every day out in a world where the rest of us are told to avoid like the plague. As I was searching for a photo of the last cookies I had made, I realized it was over a year ago when Mollette and I still saw each other first thing every morning. I never realized how many pictures I had taken of her, and I wish I had taken more. I guess this is the modern day equivalent of pulling out a wallet full of baby pictures at work, huh. I can cross that off my bucket list...

Her full name was Tochtli Mollete. Tochtli is the Aztec word for "rabbit." A mollette is Mexico City's version of the NYC bagel. Not at all similar in taste or shape or unbeatable experience of buying a fresh bagel directly from the factory for 15¢ on the upper west side of Manhattan and to this day is everyone's exception to their gluten free lifestyle, no. No. That is sacred. I mean function-wise, it's the go-to breakfast sandwich in CDMX. No shade, it's just not an NYC bagel.

Please, someone send a bagel while you're checking out the heart-melting Mollette here:

In all seriousness, kids and pets should never be used as a form of control, punishment, or abuse. If you notice this or any form of abuse happening to you or someone you know, reach out for help. The National Domestic Violence Hotline has some great resources to start.

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