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Holiday Hashtag Calendar: March, 2021

We've still got six days of made-up and extrainuous holidays to semi-celebrate and/or forget this month! The list and my apologies for failing you below...

A gif of a calendar shedding it's life.
Do we still use calendars?

Sorry, peeps.

Moving on, I was devastated earlier today when, for the first time since Human Trafficking Day, I finally looked at my holiday calendar with all it's disappointed hashtags I won't use until 2022 and realized that I missed National Peanut Butter Lover’s Day #NationalPeanutButterLoversDay. But know what? Nobody tells me when to appreciate PB. That's a private ceremonial matter and it happens to be every day in my world, thankyouverymuch. Although, now that I think about it, the post for that day would have ended up ruining your relationship with our beloved nut butter of the gods with a link to something like this which can be summed up with something like this:

According to farmers, “Peanuts are raised in the part of our country where peanuts are a rotation crop with cotton. Most of the cotton is glyphosate tolerant and receives numerous glyphosate applications per year. Glyphosate severely damages the beneficial microorganisms in the soil. This leads to an increase in the population of opportunistic or bad organisms in the soil. The bad organisms cause an increase in the number of diseases that will adversely effect [sic] the peanut crop. This leads to an increased use of insecticides and fungicides on the peanut crop. It is common to see a conventional peanut crop sprayed with some type of pesticide every 8-10 days during the growing season.”

And something like that would have ruined NPBLD for all of my 0 (+/-0) readers.

A screenshot of no post activity: Proof to nobody that nobody is reading. I think I just opened a wormhole in our existential fabric...
Proof to nobody that nobody is reading. I think I just opened a wormhole in our existential fabric...

I won't apologize for missing National Day of Unplugging #NationalDayOfUnplugging. That was, uh, intentional and thematic.

Anyhow, I'll try to make it up with something special for the highly anticipated World Backup Day #WorldBackupDay, which has traditionally been overshadowed by its March 31 holiday companions of undoubted actual importance, Transgender Day of Visibility #TDOV and Equal Pay Day #EqualPayDay, which, as a pointless side note, suffers a huge miss from not doubling down on March 6's National Employee Appreciation Day #EmployeeAppreciationDay, according to me.

Luckily, there's still time to post something for National Spinach Day #NationalSpinachDay! That's my arbitrary silver lining for the day...

Get the full 2021 Holiday Hashtag Calendar here.


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