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Become a member of the focus group and help shape Pinchido's future! 


In anticipation of launching in 2021, I'm holding a series of live online classes and activities with a focus group over the course of four weeks.


As a member, you will have full access to the calendar (there's something scheduled nearly every day!) and will have the opportunity to provide feedback that will help shape the final program. All you need to show up is your favorite piece of technology and a Zoom account. 

Already on board? 



Below you'll find the tentative calendar along with descriptions of each session and how you can be involved. In addition to your input, every bit of your contribution will go towards the equipment, services, and labor we need to get off the ground. 

This is more than just cooking classes.

This is an experiential food experiment. 

Not sure yet?

Join the first session free

Monday, November 9

6:00 CDT

and you can decide from there:)

Sign up for the mailing list in the footer and you'll receive an invite to the Welcome Session & Pantry Raid on Zoom.

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Each week will consist of some combination (or all) of: 


  • cooking classes

  • market tours

  • ingredient shopping

  • pantry raids

  • dedicated live kitchen help hours

  • cooking challenges/assignments

  • member-led classes

  • workshops

  • virtual meals

  • presentations

  • and whatever we want to try out as we go!

The duration of each session will be between 30 minutes and 3 hours, the average being about 1/1.5 hours.

The exact times will be determined as I have an idea of where everyone joining from. When possible, should it benefit a large minority or small majority of the group, some sessions will have multiple times. 

All times are in Central Daylight Time time as of now and may change to accommodate the greatest number of members. Additional times may be added, or times may alternate between weeks, to accommodate more!
Each session will be recorded and posted to the website in the Member's area in the archive for later viewing.
As a reminder, members are not required to attend every session. 
Each week will have a similar structure, only the topics will change along with any adjustments suggested by the group. 
Session topics and/or type altogether are subject to change or be modified without notice.