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Submit posts and announcements for consideration to be submitted to

SUBMISSIONS is accepting your submission of articles, essays, photos, announcements, and content of all kinds that fit the requirements below.

No novels or artistic re-typings of Walden (ok, mayve that), but 800-1200 word articles or synopsis that are:

  • academic

  • off-beat

  • informative

  • entertaining

  • interesting

  • insightful

in the world of:

  • food

  • agriculture

  • sustainability 


and are:

  • original

  • unpublished

  • exclusive

Pinchido is young and unfunded, but we're happy to provide the platform, exposure to all (5) of our subscribers (and the onslaught of Germans that end up here by accident for googling 'pfeffernusse" or misspelling another word) as well as some free classes and/or sessions.

Shoot an email with your your article in the body and any supporting materials along with your bio, any related or just cool links I should check out, the last thing you ate that made you close your eyes involuntarily, and a recipe I should try out to for consideration. The eye-roll poll is just out of curiosity and the recipe will be shared on the site! 

Have something to teach the world?


Guest sessions and workshops are welcome and encouraged!


Maybe you have a new technique in the kitchen.

Maybe you've discovered a new type of mushroom. 

Or perhaps you have a new technique which led you to find  new types of mushrooms in your kitchen*!

Send any documentation of teaching the same topic before, in-person or online, along with the items above to the same email.

Non-traditional styles welcome! 

Submission Requirements

*If this is the case, take a look here before you go to sleep tonight.  

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