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Spill the beans. Get in touch with Pinchido via the toll free hotline, email, live chat, or social media and sign up for the mailing list. 

For a good time, call


Timothy Edward Dubitsky's EATing-related webSITE


Where you'll find information, facts, a waiting song that's a cover of Gnarles Barkley and Cee Lo Green's 2006 hit Crazy (made by your's truly),  a special anonymous line where you can leave food and restaurant gossip, and more! 




800   Pinchido (main)

801   Tim  

802   Fact of the Week (Spanish)

803   Fact of the Week (English)

804   Grub Gossip tell us your sordid kitchen stories and restaurant gossip

805   Whats Up With You Kitchen? something crazy going on in your kitchen? record it as VM

806   Just the Tips kitchen tips without the wordy explanations

807   Q&A take a new survey each month and find the results on our Surveys page 

808   Listen to the Whole Wait Song a midi cover of Gnarles Barkley's "You think I'm Crazy" by Tim

809   On Hold for Santa Claus (to Keep Kid Busy While You Something In The Kitchen)

*Because no numbers that spelled "Pinchido" were available and after translating hundreds of numbers it was the only non-vulgar 800 number that spelled something remotely relevant.

For questions, comments, or inquiries related to the following, please use the form below: 

  • Press
  • Private Events
  • Private Online Events
  • Private Eyes* 
  • Catering
  • Special Requests
  • Clases y Talleres en CDMX
  • Officiating Weddings
  • Cooking Questions
  • How to Start a Private Group
  • Water In Mexico 
  • Mexico In General
  • Generals In Mexico (no longer open for discussion)
  • Questions about Pet Rabbits
  • Gardening
  • Seed Exchanges
  • Yoga
  • Getting Stains Out
  • Gifting Plots Of Land To Me
  • Graphic Design For Hire
  • Barters/Exchanges
  • Sponsorships/Endorsements
Email Us, er, me

 I knew I'd hear from you sooner or later ;) I'll get back to you shortly!! 

For Kitchen Aid help, use the chat bubble at the lower right of your screen during the designated hours: 


Monday tbd

Tuesday tbd

Wednesday tbd

Thursday tbd

Friday tbd

Saturday tbd

Sunday tbd

For kitchen fires, call 911.

(What are you doing here during a kitchen fire in the first place?) 


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