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An experimental food experience platform specializing in cooking classes,
ingredients,    \
nutrition,      sustainability, /
virtual meal sharing, pantry raids,  antiaesthetic food blogging—and the collaborative creation of new experiences
with you, the pinche chido, the


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I'm Tim.

Chef, Instructor, & Guide

CDMX, Mexico

I integrate the how and why of ingredients, processes, gut health and nutrition, and food systems in order to deepen our relationship with our food in order to maximize the potentials.

Using an wholistic approach that uses The Recipe as a departure point rather than a fixed path, I encourage personal growth whether it be your seasoning without measuring or an all-out irreverent journey of trials and errors and eventual success.

We have to eat,
so we should enjoy it.



with TIM

There's always a table for two right here.

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Anti-aesthetic at its core, the blog focuses on nutrition, food as lifestyle (never a fad), food systems, food-related topics, recipes, history, science, math...


We don't spend time taking perfect pictures of impossible-to-recreate dishes (although the editorial shots are retouched a bit) and we focus on what we find important and interesting. That doesn't mean we can't strive for  beauty, but it means it takes a seat a few rows back from feasibility and nutrition. 

You'll see what I mean...


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